2. adventurebingo:

    With special guest hot Gab Bonesso! 


  3. Free show! Next Tuesday! Brillobox!

  4. Getting paid to parody Nicki Manaj for American Eagle. #yolo #tbt

  5. Quote of the day calendar. #gilda #truth

  6. This show is next Friday and it’s for F-R-E-E!!!!! I expect you to be cheap Pgh, but don’t be lame. Come to this show!!! New material! Great comics like Sean Collier! Hosted by: Jason Clark. I’m headlining! Rumor has it that Phineas (the shark) will be there… In a tuxedo!!!! Don’t miss this event!!!

  7. Long before iPhones and “the internets” there were 1-900 phone line games. Did anyone’s parents actually let them do this?!!! #tbt #wolverine

  8. Free show! June 20th! Great line-up! Awesome BBQ!

  9. Countdown to Mexico! #11days


  10. thoughts on a rainy day… YO.

    I can see us. We’re standing in my yard playing outfield. I’m going on and on about some movie I watched the other night. The sun is shining on your face. Timmy is screaming about how he never gets a turn to pitch. Bethany is standing at bat. We both groan knowing that she will hit the ball so far that one of us will have to run our butt off to go and retrieve it from Mr. Nemeth’s yard.

    I miss when summer was summer.