2. This is the very first piece of evidence that episode one of The Gab Bonesso Show actually occurred in front of a LIVE studio audience. Until this point, an entire room of people were under the impression that the entire episode had been a group, psychotic episode (i.e. a group hallucination). Evidence now points to the fact that the show may have existed… More evidence to follow as FBI officials clean up the disaster searching for more clues.

    Featured in the picture are: Mrs. Palfrey (of the Claremont), Gab Bonesso (covered in blood and wearing a wig), Life Coaches #1 & #2, Dukes of Hazzard Enthusiast: Jason Kirsh, CEO Neal Rosenblat and French Mime Josh VerBONER.

    The talk show guest who is featured is: Loron the body builder/GLEE member.